Why Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is evidence-based, informed by clinical experience, research and the individual patient’s unique health situation.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that incorporates both modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. This health care system is built on a patient-centred approach that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health.

Naturopathic medicine involves a functional medicine approach to healthcare, identifying the biochemical and physiological imbalances within the individual, and using natural, scientifically-proven solutions to provide long-term health.

Naturopathic Doctors focus not only on the symptoms but also the underlying conditions causing the symptoms. They treat the root causes of disease and address preventable risk factors, using a wide range of science-and evidence-based, natural and conventional therapies.

Naturopathic assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient are accomplished by integrating modern and traditional care which includes clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques. All therapeutic options are considered and applied to help regulate the process of disease over time rather than temporarily suppress it. 

Naturopathic Therapies:  

Clinical Nutrition

Includes appropriate dietary modification and nutritional supplementation to treat health concerns with few complications and side effects.

Botanical Medicine

The use of plants and plant substances are highly effective and safe, herbs are often used in combination with other herbs and other treatments. Herbs can be prepared in many forms - teas, tinctures or capsules. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in both the art and science of botanical medicine. Naturopathic doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada to be regulated for the use of botanical medicine.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine is the restoration and maintenance of health through administration of adequate amounts of nutrients according to the specific biochemical needs of the individual. 

Homeopathic Medicine

This powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is widely accepted in many countries. Homeopathic remedies are made from specific dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances. When carefully matched to the patient they are able to affect the body's "vital force" and to stimulate the body's innate healing forces on both the physical and emotional levels, with few side effects. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture

A Naturopathic Doctor will use Eastern herbs and acupuncture to assist the body in achieving health and balance. Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles which are inserted into specific meridian points. The practice of acupuncture has been around for over two thousand years and has proven to be very effective especially for pain relief and chronic illness.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine offers treatment for many different health concerns. Treatments can include soft tissue work (including therapeutic massage), naturopathic manipulation of muscle, bone or the spine, hydrotherapy techniques, gentle electrical impulses, ultrasound, diathermy, and exercise therapy.

Prevention and Lifestyle Counselling

Mental attitudes and emotional states are important elements in healing and disease. Addressing all aspects of a person's life, identifying and addressing the impact that stress and life events have on a patient's health is an important aspect of naturopathic treatment. Naturopathic doctors are trained to counsel on diet, lifestyle, specific stressors, exercise and occupational or environmental hazards as an integral part of the naturopathic treatment program. 

Intravenous Therapy 

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other natural medications are administered directly into a vein bypassing the digestive system and consequently allowing for higher concentrations to be absorbed. This therapy has been shown to be particularly beneficial in cases that require high therapeutic doses of nutrients (such as cancer, fibromyalagia, viruses, and illnesses associated with oxidative damage or malabsorption issues).

Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Naturopathic Doctor:

1) We provide high quality health care that goes beyond medication. 

2) We spend more time with you than your typical health visit. 

3) We provide answers and long-term solutions with far fewer side-effects. 

4) We are the only health care physicians that are trained to effectively combine prescription medications with natural medicines safely.

5) Our services are covered by most insurance providers!